Wixford Grange Holiday Home Ownership - Site Fees

The costs of ownership

Wixford Grange offers a 10 month holiday home season. We have detailed the costs of site fees below but please speak to our sales team for further information on running costs.

What do the site fees cover?

The site fees include the following services:

  • Occupation of your plot
  • Park maintenance and landscaping
  • Security
  • Street lighting
  • Refuse collection
  • Water
  • Office administration

2021 Site Fees

10 month season
7th March – 7th January

Single lodge


10 month season
7th March – 7th January

Double lodge


Additional charges to consider:

Rates (approx): £204.95
Insurance (approx): £300 – £400
Electric – metered
Gas – metered or bottled
Winter drain down