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Welford Chase Flotation System

Giving you peace of mind with our proven tried and tested flotation system.

Riverside Living

There are many benefits to being this close to the river, including private boat moorings, fishing, wild water swimming and wildlife on your doorstep! However, of course a main concern of people considering buying a home at Welford Chase is whether it will flood. There is of course a risk that the river will flood during the winter months, but the good news is that your home will not (unlike most properties located by the riverside). This is because all of our homes are fitted with a proven, tried and tested flotation system.

Our Homes

Our homes are weighed and measured when they leave the factory and the floats are made specifically for each home to allow for any extra weights in the kitchen, bathrooms or any of the other rooms.

As water levels rise, the cantilever system allows the homes to float up in a controlled arc to 12ft high from their original position and then, as water levels recede, to lower back down in a controlled manner.

How It Works

The system uses a galvanised steel framework combined with steel clad polystyrene floats to provide flotation, enabling the homes to float in times of flood.

Insurance is a standard cost because of these systems and in the event of a flood, we have a proven Flood Plan in place.


Peace of Mind

The system has an extremely high success rate and has safeguarded many customers from the heartache and headache of dealing with losses due to flooding. It has saved insurance companies millions of pounds in claims.

In the words of one of our residents, Tony says: “Where else can you have such a beautiful location, on a riverfront without any risk to your home. The flood plan works perfectly, with definite stages and everyone is very happy with the amazing lifestyle we have at Welford Chase.”

We hope that provides you with peace of mind, but please do of course ask our friendly team for more details on this.