Take your first real step into Holiday Home Ownership at Stratford Parks...

Your chance to experience Holiday Home Ownership with our VIP Tours. Find out why 460+ families have chosen Stratford Parks and how starting with a VIP Tour is the perfect introduction to your new holiday park lifestyle…

What can you expect when you come to visit us?

Step 1. Arrive at our picturesque park, enjoy a tea or coffee before embarking on your personalised tour of everything the park has to offer, and more importantly have all of your questions answered in a relaxed environment, by our experienced team. Understanding more about you and your family will help us to ensure your personalised tour is planned around the things you, and your family, will love.

Step 2. Now for the exciting part! Get your first glimpse of the beauty of Stratford Parks. You will be invited to view our range of holiday homes to find your perfect match, discover our facilities and explore our beautiful riverside park grounds. We will also explain the purchase journey of a holiday home and navigate you through the easy process of becoming an owner at Stratford Parks.


Step 3. If you fall in love with one of our beautiful holiday homes, we will then go and take at look at possible locations for it. We have over 160 acres of stunning grounds with all areas offering something slightly different. Plus, to ensure you get the full Stratford Parks experience, our team will also act as your local tour guide with information on everything to do in the local area of Stratford-upon-Avon.


The next steps beyond this are entirely up to you. During your visit, our primary focus is to make sure you leave fully equipped with all the information you need to start an incredible lifestyle in the heartlands of England.

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