Residential Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the ins and outs of residential ownership. Check out our frequently asked questions below…

What is a park home?

A park home is a single-story detached property, in the style of a bungalow and located on a private park. By law, park homes are known as ‘mobile homes’ and as such come under the mobile homes act. A Government Act that can be viewed by clicking here. This is your peace of mind and security that your home can stay on the specific piece of land. Ground rent is payable monthly and reviewed annually under this act. Specific manufacturers build park homes and provide them to be sited. You can buy a park home from Avon Estates. Each home is built to comply with British Standard BA 3632 and have a park home insured warranty scheme that protects them from any structural defects for 10 years.

Residential Park Home Living

What are the benefits of park home living?

Financial – park homes tend to be more affordable than bricks and mortar homes of a similar size. This enables you to downsize and unlock equity to use in your retirement.

Easy Maintenance – Park homes require very little maintenance and have small gardens which are easy to manage.

Security – Our park homes are secure and on private estates with enhanced security measures such as gated entrances. Furthermore the sense of community of park home living means people look out for each other.

Lifestyle – Our residents are like-minded individuals of a similar age and circumstance so friendships are established quickly whilst the homes being detached and offering peace and quiet.


Do you have to pay council tax on a park home?

Park homes are subject to council tax, but are classed in the lowest band A.

Marston Edge

Can I have guests, friends and family to stay?

Guests, friends and family are of course welcome to visit and stay.

How does park home living differ from conventional bricks and mortar property?

Modern park homes are in fact very similar to living in a traditional property with central heating, double glazed windows and pitched roofs. Space is allowed for patio and garden areas, you have your own individual fibre connections, own bins and your post is delivered to your door.

The social benefits of park home living are those most readily appreciated by many. Residential parks are very much communities, offering a secure, safe and peaceful living environment.

Many park owners invest heavily in creating carefully landscaped and well laid-out surroundings for park home residents to enjoy.

What happens when I or my partner get older and need extra help?

Residential park living is very much a community environment which offers a perfect way of life for those approaching their older years. All of our parks are in serene countryside locations but with the added benefit of great transport links and access to local amenities.

Do I have to be retired to live on a residential park?

Many people do choose park home living when they retire but more and more people are moving younger whilst still in employment and being able to enjoy their life with released equity. This lifestyle is not just for retired people; for example Presthope Grange is over 45s, Marston Edge for over 50s and Redlands Park for the over 55s.

Can I keep pets in my park home?

We know that furry friends are part of the family too and that’s why you are allowed to keep up to two pets in your home, each individual park has its own set of guidelines on how many pets you are allowed to keep.

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