Park Home Myths Explained

Park home myths explained

Dispelling the myths about park homes

You may have heard a few myths about park homes so let us explain these below.

Myth 1 - There are hidden costs

It’s easy to think that park home living is too good to be true.   For many people, it can seem like moving into their own private slice of paradise!

However, it surprises people when park homes are so affordable.  Many retirees find that their ideal park homes actually cost a lot less than they would expect to pay for bungalows or sheltered housing.  This, naturally, has led people to assume that parks add hidden fees along the way!

It is true that we  will expect you to pay some costs.  This will  include pitch fees and local rates.  However, these are equivalent to what you might pay for service charges or maintenance elsewhere.  You get a lot for your money!  As for local authority rates, think about how much money you spend on council tax elsewhere.  It is the same principle!  However, you’ll probably find that you actually end up paying less tax on a park home property.

Some people are suspicious that parks add subsidies and hidden fees along the way.  The fact is, however, they can’t!  Laws such as the Mobile Homes Act 2013 make sure that we as park owners are fair and just with site fees.  What’s more, there is actually a lot in place to protect buyers and owners – more than you might think!

Therefore, don’t worry about park home costs All residential parks have to legally tell you costs and fees before you sign.  This is all in your agreement, which you can even check with a solicitor before you move forward.

Park home myths explained - Myth 1 - There are hidden costs

Myth 2 - Park homes are poor quality

Believe it or not, some people believe that park homes simply aren’t up to scratch.  Anyone who has seen a luxurious park home or two will probably tell you otherwise!  It is true that, over the decades, the quality of park homes has seen changes.  As with everything, quality and finishing evolve over time.  That’s why current park homes are perfect for modern living.

The building quality of park homes has seen huge improvement over the past decade.  This is partly because the industry is so popular!  Greater demand for quality homes and bespoke properties means designers and builders have to work harder than ever before.  For park homeowners, this can only be a good thing.


However, do bear in mind that park homes still need maintenance.  You can’t just move into a park property and assume that it will continue looking great on its own!  All properties need regular care and cleaning.  As an owner, you’ll need to make sure to keep your home looking great.  Don’t worry, however – as maintenance is generally the same as what you would expect from everyday properties.  In fact, there will probably be less for you to do

Park home myths explained - Myth 2 - Park homes are poor quality

Myth 3 – Park homes always lose their value

There’s a common story going around that park homes don’t keep their value for very long.  If you’ve heard this one before, don’t listen to it!  Naturally, myths such as these can really put people off park home living altogether.  In our view, that really isn’t fair!  That’s why this is a myth we are always happy to bust.

There is no factual reason why park homes should lose their value.  There simply isn’t the data available!  Park homes can fluctuate in terms of value, of course.  However, this is only the same as what you can expect from everyday properties and residential homes across the UK.  Therefore, you really don’t have anything to worry about.

All kinds of things can change the value of a property.  For example, the location of a home, the size of a property and its condition can all change its pricing.  That’s why it’s very important to make sure you maintain your park home.  Believe it or not, park home value revolves around land value.  We’re happy to say that the value of land is increasing.  Therefore, you have even less to fret about.

The demand for park home living, too, will help to boost value.  More and more retirees are choosing park homes in later life.  While there is a consistent demand for park properties, there will be little risk to value going down.  Unless the market is declining, value will stay high.

Park home myths explained - Myth 3 – Park homes always lose their value