“I didn’t think at the age of 75 I could feel this way again. I feel safe, happy and that I belong:” Sally’s Story on Lone-Living with Avon Estates

“I didn’t think at the age of 75 I could feel this way again. I feel safe, happy and that I belong”
Sally’s Story on Lone-Living with Avon Estates

Sally and George enjoyed life to the full, exploring the world, meeting new people along the way and making every moment count. They loved life, making friends, creating memories with their families and seeing their grandchildren flourish. Sadly, events changed their lives dramatically, which is when Sally discovered Park Home Living with Avon Estates.

Lone Living

It was five years ago when George’s health started to decline and Sally and George’s fast paced life started to slow down. George was very poorly and Sally became his full time carer, driving him to appointments and helping him with his personal care, whilst continuing to keep the house clean, get the weekly shopping and cooking meals. She cared so much for George, always putting his needs first, making sure he was happy and comfortable and everything was all in order in the house.

Sadly three years ago, George passed away and Sally became at a complete loss. Suddenly her life was so different. She was alone and felt overwhelmed by the emptiness of not having him part of her life. To love, care for and make memories with him. She felt she had lost who she was in the process, had become vulnerable and didn’t know where to turn to next.

Discovering Park Home Living

She realised she had to do something about it, she had to change the life she was living as this is not what George would have wanted and she had to make the most of life, as they always had. People had always been such a big part of their lives and Sally knew she needed a community of like-minded people, but where she felt safe and secure, so she wasn’t alone.

That’s when she came across Park Home Living with Avon Estates.


A Warm Community Welcome

Sally said: “I went to an Open Day that I saw advertised with Avon Estates and it was that day that my life changed. Stepping through the door, I felt so incredibly welcomed – a day had not passed that quickly in years! I chatted for hours with the residents over tea and cake, finding out about their lives, why they made the move and how they feel now.

“There were others who were also living on their own and suddenly I felt this sense of belonging. I could have this life and I felt I knew there would always be someone looking out for me. Life suddenly didn’t seem quite so daunting.”

“I walked around the park at my own leisure and wandered through the homes. Wow! I was blown away. They were so luxurious, spacious and felt so cosy, but yet felt part of a small welcoming neighbourhood. I knew my life was going to be different for the better.”

A Quick, Smooth Move

With the help of Avon Estates Assisted Move Scheme, Sally was in her brand new home in as little as 4 weeks. The A2B Assured Move Specialists dealt with everything for her, making the move completely stress free and offering advice and guidance throughout the process, so she knew what was happening at every stage until the day of the move.

She now lives happily in a brand new, fully furnished bungalow-style home, which offers spectacular views of the countryside and extensive decking to enjoy making the most of the summer days with friends. The two spacious bedrooms, with an en-suite and another bathroom, means she can have the grandchildren over to stay, whilst the open-plan living area provides the perfect place to indulge in cheese and wine, enjoying Strictly Come Dancing with her neighbours.


In Sally's Words

Sally explained: “I love my new life. I didn’t think at the age of 75 I could feel this way again. My home is so easy to maintain, with very little upkeep and a small garden to tend to, nothing like our previous home! I have gained so much time back, so I can spend it exactly as I wish and enjoy the hobbies I want to do. My bills have reduced significantly and most of all, I have made friends that I never could have imagined I would have, who always look out for me being on my own.

“When I stay with my children, my neighbours help with my garden and feed my cat. I can sit on my decking and enjoy my book, whilst passing the day with friends that walk on by. On Wednesdays we enjoy meeting up for a cake and coffee, whilst raising money for charities and giving something back to others that need it. I love the vibrant community this new life offers me but always feeling so safe and secure in my new cosy home.

“Most of all, I just wish we’d done it sooner, as I know George would have loved this way of life, the gentler pace of living and the countryside on the doorstep. I no longer feel alone or unhappy. I have my life back at 75 and I feel that I belong. If you are considering the move, just go for it!”


Wessex Classic Kitchen

Find Out More

If you’d like to find out more about Park Home Living and how this could change your life for the better, take a look at our website on https://avon-estates.co.uk/residential-parks/, call the team on 01789 299492 or email resiadmin@avon-estates.co.uk.

You can also request a brochure here or if you’d like to see for yourself, just as Sally did, simply request a private tour here and the team would be more than happy to show you around.


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