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Benefits of Park Home Living

Making the move to park home living is a big decision because as well as a change of location, it’s a change of lifestyle too. There is much to consider when moving home and downsizing but there are so many benefits that come with moving to park home living.




What are the benefits of park home living?

Become part of a close-knit friendly community with neighbours that you can rely on, have the peace of mind that you’ll be in a safe, secure gated park, enjoy a luxurious lifestyle amongst stunning scenery and not to mention saving money on monthly outgoings.

In this blog, we’ll be exploring the costs that can be saved when moving to a residential park home.



Costs of Living

When the cold sets in, we see higher energy bills and monthly outgoings.

This is particularly pertinent at present as the UK faces an energy crisis with steep price rises. Therefore, it’s understandable that you may be looking to save on your costs in other areas. This is where park home living may be right for you.

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What costs can be saved with park home living?

Embarking on a park home lifestyle can significantly reduce your monthly outgoings as opposed to living in a non-park home. Inexpensive to run, you can expect to benefit from the following reduced costs:

  • No stamp duty on purchase
  • Lowest Council Tax within Band A, average cost of £1,348
  • Ground Rent at £203 per month
  • Average home insurance of £300 per year
  • TV Licence at £159 per year

Not only do all of the above positively impact the annual costs to run a park home, the quality and size of the home means they are very well insulated, so you will have the peace of mind you’ll stay warm and cosy whatever the weather!

The benefits don’t end there either. With the spend saved on bills, there is the opportunity to use this on hobbies, interests, travel or even leisure activities within the local area, enjoying retirement to the very full.

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holiday home

What our current residents say

“We decided to make the move after friends of ours bought a park home and we could see how it transformed their lifestyle. Whereas we were fairly comfortable, we were never really able to travel much but now with our cost of living being so minimal at the park, we are able to travel 3 – 4 times a year and I think it’s really given us a new lease of life.”



Choosing the perfect home

At Avon Estates, we have a range of beautiful Park Home sites to choose from that offer a luxury lifestyle for the over 50’s within secure, close-knit communities.

With rolling countryside views at Presthope Grange in Shropshire, to a riverside location near Stratford-upon-Avon at Welford Chase, or living on the edge of the iconic Cotswolds at Marston Edge, we are sure to have the perfect location for you.

Find Out More

To find out more about park home living and the benefits of this lifestyle, take a look here or give us a call on 01789 581007.

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